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Wooden Nickel Images offers a striking collection of digital photo art by Don Rosser and Tamie Yost. These unique images are the result of many years of photographic experience, artistic creativity, and the advent of the digital darkroom. The images you see on your computer screen don't compare to the excellent quality of an actual printed image. These images are printed using a state-of-the-art fine art giclee printer with archival paper and inks. Properly displayed, they will last a lifetime, resisting any signs of fading.

Don Rosser is a long-time area resident and an established digital photo artist who likes to photograph goth girls in cemeteries, dark flowers, high heels, naked chicks, or whatever ignites his passion. He spends hours enhancing his images in his digital dark room. Don enjoys creating images with a unique look, and yes, a bit of the dark side. Each piece is meticulously crafted and printed on fine art Giclee paper.

When Don is not taking photographs or producing his prints, you can find him making fine art Giclee prints for other artists, playing his bass guitar, building web sites for artists, photographers, and small businesses, or riding his Harley.

Don lives in and owns a photography studio in Peoria Heights, IL.

Tamie Yost is a photojournalist at WMBD TV, a CBS affiliate in Peoria, Illinois. She is a 2000 graduate of Bradley University with a BS in Communications and a minor in fine art photography. Tamie is an experienced photographer in color, black and white, infrared, non-silver processes, and darkroom techniques, but her talents really shine when enhancing images using Photoshop. Winner of numerous awards, Tamie is published in the 1998/1999 Best of College Photography, 1999/2000 Best of College Photography, and the 2000 Bradley Fine Arts Promotional Calendar. In June of 2003, Tamie teamed up with Don to bring to life the idea of "Goth Girl" photography. They have different visions of the gothic theme and together their work is stunning. When Tamie is not taking pictures, she enjoys reading, singing, and listening to music.

In addition to producing its own fine art images, Wooden Nickel Images makes fine art prints and note cards for artists who wish to offer their work for sale while retaining their originals. Artists' original creations are photographed with a high resolution digital camera, processed, and printed as fine art Giclee prints and/or note cards.

For more information, see Fine Art Printing and Note Cards.

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